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Bridging loans are designed to help people complete the purchase of a property before selling their existing home by offering short-term access to money. Bridging is not the daunting prospect that many fear as rates are often less than a third of what they used to be. Bridging can be used for many reasons, such as, meeting tight transaction deadlines; chain-break finance; auction purchases; property refurbishments and much more!

Bridge to Let

Chain Break Finance

Designed to enable applicants to complete the purchase of their new property whilst their current home is still on the market. Crucial in a marketplace where there are more buyers than sellers! The lender will usually take a charge on both properties resulting in a lower Loan to Value and better interest rate option.

Refurbishment Finance

This facility is designed to enable a client to purchase a property, complete upgrading works, and sell on quickly. Often know as ‘Flipping’. A mortgage supports your client with the purchase of a property and they can then undertake the refurbishment before the property is presented to a traditional mortgage lender for long term finance. If the property is a ‘Buy to Let’ then the client is then able to maximise the buy to let mortgage as it is seen as a £1 for £1 remortgage and so the original discounted purchase price is usually not a factor.

Credit Repair

A short term loan can enable a client to resolve any outstanding liabilities which are causing their credit file to be unsuitable for standard mortgage lending. This may provide a period of grace so that they can reorganise their affairs in a suitable manner and then re-engage in the more traditional mortgage world when their position is under better control. Most forms of adverse can be considered.

Daylight Bridging

The provision of finance to enable a client to re-mortgage day one. A one-day loan to enable a client’s solicitors to confirm title prior to drawing down a re-mortgage.

Cash Buyer Status

In the right circumstances a bridging loan cab effectively provide an applicant with cash-buyer status. A loan agreed and formalised within 24 hours to enable clients to

negotiate significant progress (and possible price reduction) through the ability to offer a very quick purchase.

Funding Undervalue Purchases

This provides the facility to negotiate against the value rather than the purchase price (at auction for example) particularly if the property is in a state of substantial disrepair. This way it is possible to maximise the gearing when remortgaging back against the value when works are completed.

Inheritance Tax Facility

This option is useful to those who need cash to access the estate having paid any outstanding IHT liability. This bridge is used to legally circumvent the classic “chicken and egg” situation whereby a client needs to pay the IHT before they can access to the inherited estate.

Auction Purchases

Providing quick access to mortgage finance for the buyer to purchase at Auction. We always suggest that a lender valuation is carried out prior to the auction in order that completion can be met within the 28-day window following a successful bid.

Credit Consolidation

Many mortgage lenders are no longer keen to help where credit consolidation is the reason. This facility allows all debts to be consolidated under on mortgage (subject to available equity) enabling a minimal credit exposure prior to re-mortgage.

Professional Finance

Providing access to quick funds to professional applicants. This is a mortgage option for specified professionals (doctors, dentists, solicitors, accounts etc) who might experience a short-term cash flow problem or where a quick purchase is available to them. This facility is very quick, easy and cost effective but also discrete and totally confidential. Minimal referencing required as the mortgage will usually be property based.

Divorce Settlement

To release equity and facilitate a quick legal separation. Enables the two parties to complete their divorce settlement and all related professional costs and start their new lives quickly.

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